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good evening. i'm dan ashley. tension between immigrants living in san jose and the city's police department led to a community meeting tonight. immigrants say they are no longer reporting crimes because they simply do not trust police. more than 150 people attended tonight's meeting and abc 7's lisa amin gulezian is live in san jose to discuss what happened there and whether any progress was made.
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lisa? >> dan, there was a lot of mixed reaction to the meeting and there were also a lot of people who showed up to tell the chief of police they don't trust his officers. the hispanic community's fear, anger and distrust of san jose police has been an issue for years and chief chris moore who stepped in, in february, says he tried to build up the strained relationship but in late june two federal homeland security agents who worked under the department of immigration joined san jose p.d. to help with the growing gang problem. 28 homicides in the city, half gang related. adding the agents sent even more fear through the hispanic community. tonight they asked the chief to remove the two agents or face consequences. >> civil immigration enforcement is not what we are going to do and the investigators are not associated with that. i wouldn't allow that. i want them to know that so they are not fearful. >> people used to report crime and now they don't. what we are saying is that we
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are already having a strike by default and, you know, if we have these i.c.e. agents there the community is saying we are not going to work with the p.d. at all. >> reporter: the police chief insists san jose please officers will not go out of their way to arrest someone who is undocumented unless he or she is a criminal but many didn't believe it. some gave firsthand recent accounts of loved ones being arrested and deported. they said they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and in end the chief said he will not remove the federal agents from his department which in turn did upset a lot of people. that is why on friday 15 nonprofits and community action groups will get together to speak out about next steps and about possibly boycotting san jose police. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. lisa, thanks. a 17-year-old girl ended up in serious condition this evening after being rescued
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from choppy water off the marin county coastline. the highway patrol lifted an unconscious girl near tennessee cove. the first call for help came in around 5:45 when someone reported seeing as many as five people in distress. the girl was caught in a riptide and the others were trying to help her. the u.s. park police, marin county firefighters and the coast guard all took part in this rescue. a break tonight for the young man kicked off an airplane for saggy participants. the district attorney won't file charges but as vic lee reports while the d.a. might be done with the case the naacp is not. >> i could have deescalated the situation. the officers could have deescalated the situation. the pilot could have. but it is all over with now so i'm happy. >> 20-year-old deshawn marmon can now play football for the university of new mexico without worrying about his
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scholarship which may have been in jeopardy if the case ended up in court. it has been almost one month to the day when was yanked off a u.s. airways flight at sfo. it happened after an airline employee told him to pull up his pants, complaining that it was sagging boo he loging belo. he said crew members repeatedly harassed him even though he complied. marmon was jailed on a charge of trespassing. the district attorney decided not press charges saying there was no criminal d.a. believes there was no evidence of racial discrimination. >> the two women who worked for the airline and were involved in the initial confrontation with mr. marmon are both experienced employees of the airline and both are african american women. >> the naacp has led the fight
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against u.s. airways saying what happened to marmon is an example of racism. he says it doesn't matter what color the two airline employees are. >> whether the person be black or white they ought to be sensitive to the fact that they must not show a disparity in treatment of persons if they happen to be of african american origin. >> reporter: u.s. airways declined to go on camera and instead issued a statement which says in part this situation has always been about a passengers if personal decision, refusing to follow crew member instructions and the safety ramifications of that decision. now, that the criminal charges have been dropped, the lawyer for the marmon family joe op. sullivan tells me they will sue u.s. airways for mistreating deshawn. the ja jaycee dugard
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kidnapping case is changing the way sex offends ever are released. because he was not molesting boys he is considered a moderate risk based on the ten factors of the system. >> he did not obtain enough points to say that he was a severe recidivist, someone who might do it again. >> the risk and danger of failing and letting somebody back out in society is too great and with somebody like him we simply shouldn't do it. >> using the current system, he would still be classified as a moderate risk, not a high risk. he is now in prison for life so it won't impact his release of course, but it does affect when many other sex offenders are let out of prison. the man accused of stealing a picasso drawing last week is also charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of
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wine from a new jersey store. court documents show that he is charged with stealing $6,000 worth of wine from a shop in wayne, new jersey. he was given a court date in june but didn't show up for it. he remains in san francisco county jail. his bail is $5 million for the picasso charges. family and friends paided their final respects today to a central valley man killed in the fishing boat tragedy in mexico. leslie yi is the only confirmed casualty from the incident. today, hundreds gathered in san francisco to remember the bay area native who worked for the chronicle for 37 years. his son described his dad as a passionate man who would definitely have something to say about today's service. >> he wouldn't like all this big commotion about him. he was a humble guy. well, respected within all his family and friends and really cared for them. he was passionate about many
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things, fishing being one of them, of course. >> he was with a group of friends from northern california when the fishing boat they chartered cap sized in a cudden storm in the sea -- in a sudden storm in the sea of cortez a week ago last saturday. 36 people aboard made it to shore safely but 7 others are still missing. and many family members of the missing men from the ill fated ship attended the service. for them the last ten days have been agony. the not knowing deeply painful as is the decision to call off the search and now the refusal by the department of defense to get involved. i sat down this afternoon with the oldest son of one of those missing men. >> always there to support you and tell you things that were right and wrong. >> michael has many fond memories of his father gene, many involved fishing. something his father dearly loved. >> always lived life to the
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fullest. always loved fishing. >> did he like to laugh. >> he had a contagious smile. >> it was the love of fishing that brought gene and his buddies to mexico for a deep' adventure. >> we still feel like they are throughout because we haven't found any of the missing. any of the seven. either in the vessel or they are out there floating or maybe on one of the islands. we have hope that they are still out there and we want to make sure they all get home. >> reporter: when the boat went down in the sea of cortez during the fourth of july weekend 19 fishermen made it to shore. 8 did not including michael's dad. a decorated vietnam veteran who was awarded the purple heart. a measure of service and sacrifice his family believes deserves more from the u.s. government. >> the coast guarded and mexican navy say the search is
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over. what do you want the department of defense to do? >> mable make a dive happen to look at the vessel and see if there in any bodies in there and have some closure for some families. >> some of the other families are asking bay area lawmakers to pressure the defense department to do more. they are also raising money for a private search. we will link you on our site at >> a lot more on the news at a smell one neighborhood cannot shake. how some people in a bay area city are trying to get rid of a foul order. and california dealing with a teacher shortage. a new program that helps the unemployed start a new career in the classroom based on their skillsets im. i'm sense sense.
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a july warm-up --
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there was no pretty way to describe what some point rip monday residents -- point richmond residents are living with. it is the smell of rotten eggs. they blame a nearby sewage treatment plant, a problem they thought was taken care of. as cecilia vega explains, it is back. >> reporter: the place looks like it smells like roses. some days it is shattered by a not so pretty odor. some describe it as rotten eggs. others use a word not fit for t.v. >> a real sewer smell. >> reporter: residents know exactly where to point their fingers and noses, the nearby
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sewage treatment plant. >> my son moved away because of the smell. and it it was that bad. >> reporter: neighbors say it was really bad in october after an equipment malfunction at the plant caused the release of the smelly gas known more technically as hydrogen sulfide. so far the release levels have not been can dangerous. in small doses it won't hurt but you it definitely stinks. now, the plant trucks its waste out of town but moving the waste around may be to blame for the recent smell complaints. >> reporter: residents say how bad the smell is depends on the weather. when the wind kicks in and the weather gets hot, watch out. >> it is frustrating for everybody. >> reporter: city councilman tom butts' home borders the plant. he says there is no icy fix. >> the only way to address some of that is through capital improvements and we are talking
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about millions and millions of collars. >> reporter: the plant says the smell could come from anywhere, even nearby oil refineries and said there is no data to support the recent assertion that odors are originating from the plant. new city sensors that detect hydrogen sulfide in the air say otherwise and so do residents. >> it doesn't smell good. it doesn't smell healthy or safe. it smells like sewer. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc 7 news. not pleasant. well, the city has a new website to chart hydrogen sulfide releases so if you live in the area and smell a problem there is a link at as well as to the air quality district where you can file a complaint about what you smell. california state board of education approved a new set of rules that gives parents greater power to force changes at poorly performing schools. the changes clarify the parent trigger law that went into effect last year that allows
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several options for fixing underperforming schools. they include replacing the principal, adding performance incentives for teachers, firing staff, and even turning the school into a charter school. >> now, we go home, we create, parent triggered chapters throughout california, we spread the word. we work with our allies. and we make sure that parents will be respected with the voice that we possess to become truly the architects of our children's future. >> parents will have to gather signatures to petition the school district in order to exercise the new powers. and while we are talking about educating young people. in this tough economy there is one group of teachers in great demand, those who specialize in math and science. california will need more than 30,000 teachers in those fields over the next ten years. education reporter lyanne
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melendez looks at what is being done to meet the demand. >> reporter: helen has worked in retail and at a consulting firm and now hopes her financial background will help her become a good math teacher. >> i want to open up opportunities for students, math is not just math. it flows into so many other subjects. >> one month of intense training. the new teachers spend one year shad co-doughing a veteran teacher at one of the 30 aspire public schools operating in low income communities in california while working on credentials and master abouts degrees. katie kelly was attracted to the program and moved here from boston a month ago. >> i knew i wanted to teach and applied and said i would be almost equally happy to teach social studies or biology. i had a hunch that they might
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take a bite at the biology because i though that science teachers are now in high demand. >> she will now teach high school science in the fall. >> in the middle school and high school we have a high demand for highly qualified teachers who understand the subject and how to teach it wale. >> the obama administration has called on nonprofits like aspire to recruit and prepare more science, technology, engineering and math teachers in public schools. another organization, the california teacher corps as already placed 1200 math and science teachers in public schools throughout california. now, the nonprofit has vowed to place another 2500 by the year 2015. despite the efforts the state is expected to fall short of meeting the demand for math and science teachers. that is why schools are eager to attract more career changers like chen. in berkeley, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news.
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a new start of the art veterinary hospital will soon open at the oakland zoo. with a cut of the ribbon the project officially gets underway. today the 17,000 square foot hospital is designed to treat a variety of animals from a 25,000-pound camel to a tiny turtle. when fen initialed the new facility -- when finished they will be able to take care of 600 animals at any given time. construction is expected to take 14 months. a cool day for a ribbon cutting today in the east bay. spencer christian with the forecast. >> a few more cool days ahead but going to warm up as the weekend is winding down. a live view of a beautiful sky looking from our high definition roof top camera here at abc 7 across the bay, not completely across the bay but up at the moon which has been playing peek aboo with us, going in and out of the passing clouds. a beautiful evening in the bay area. current temperature readings. 55 degrees at san francisco and up at san rafael. 59 oakland.
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mildest inland locations 60-61 degrees. still breezy in many places. gusts up 6 miles per hot at sfo. 17-mile per hour winds at oakland. many other locations have calmer winds than just a few hours guy. cloudy again overnight tonight. areas of drizzle overnight and into the early morning hours mainly around the bay and near the coast. temperatures remain below normal for three more days before we warm up to more july like levels. this afternoon as the satellite close up image shows, stubborn clouds slinging to the coastline. manley sunny in the inland valleys and a pleasant day although much cooler than average. clouds spread farther inland. spotty drizzle along the coast or near the bay. low temperatures in a narrow range between 52 and 55 degrees for most of the bay area. our satellite image, water vapor satellite image shows the
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deepening trough in the jetstream still the controlling factor in the weather as low pressure system is sliding eastward and it will take a couple of days for this all to slide eastward and get back into a more normal pattern. for the next several days the cool pattern will hold, probably through saturday. tomorrow it will certainly hold. high temperatures range from 68 at sunnyvale to 71 at campbell. mainly 60s on the peninsula. 65 san mateo. 65 redwood city and mountain view. mid to upper 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 60 degrees tomorrow. the north bay. 70 degrees pedaluma. 78 clear lake. 70 napa. near east bay highs. 63 oakland. 46 hayward. inland east bay highs in the upper 60s in danville, dublin and pleasanton. low 70s at concord and livermore. near monterey bay. 70 the high at santa cruz. 68 watsonville.
9:22 pm
74 inland at gilroy. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. by sunday we'll see inland highs finally getting back up to around the 80-degree mark in the warmest spots. mid 70s around the bay. still just upper 50s on the coast. by tuesday or wednesday inland highs up around 90 degrees. 80 around the bay and low 60s on the coast. things will warm up. just take a few days to get there. >> consistent 70s odd this time of year. >> you're right. >> as we continue tonight, a scheme that is costing consumers billions each year. how to tell if you are being overcharged on your phone bill. and a controversial proposal from two doctors. remove children from their parents if they are seriously
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if you think your cell phone bill is too high, you
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might be right. a new investigation into a scheme that is costing consumers billions each year. it is called cramming. abc 7's linsey davis explains how to tell whether you are being overcharge. >> as larry veto's phone bill grew so did his suspicions. he was paying $14.95 for voice mail monthly fee and another $8.23 for something called my billing service monthly fee. both charges many faraday plant. >> how could somebody start charging my account i guess similar to charging my credit card without my knowledge. >> in a hearing on capitol hill today, we learned larry is one of as many as 20 million consumers who fall victim each year to a fraud called cramming. false charges tacked on to the phone bill costing consumers $2 billion each year. fraudsters fool your phone company into thinking that you used a special phone service whether it is an 800 number or
9:26 pm
a deluxe voice mail and that you owe a small fee. the phone company then adds the charge to your bill. look at your bill for $15 charges or less. a red flag might be something like other providers for miscellaneous charges. >> next, call your phone company. ask for an explanation for the charges. if it is not something you signed up for, demand the charges be dropped. then tell them you want to opt out of all third-party services. the good news, putting an end to the fraudulent charges is just a phone call away. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight, new released about the former army pilot accused of leaking thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. the new threat from credit agencies. and one of the most dangerous city blocks in san francisco. what neighbors found when they looked at police records.
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good evening. the clock is ticking on the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. tonight, credit rating agency moody's threatened to lower the united states credit rating saying there is a small but growing risk that the government will default on its debt. mark matthews talked with some financial advisors about the potential impact be of this crisis. >> reporter: in san francisco's financial district a man who manages a couple million dollars tells me he is not worry. >> yields are not going higher. no one is believing
9:30 pm
mr. geithner's bluff that they would stop making the interest payments. >> reporter: he believes congress will come up with a deal to raise the debt limit and prominent san francisco investment bankers jack berkquist thinks they will, too. but clients that are about to retire are starting to worry. >> we did have a long-term client leave us a couple of weeks ago because she could not understand how this would play out in her five. she liquidated her stock account and put all of the money in real estate. >> what is that going to cost her? >> about $100,000 in taxes. >> the head of willow creek financial says he is trying to calm his clients but the internet and 24 hour news cycle doesn't h help people are emotional and letting emotions run their investment decisions more than ever. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. white house spokesman jay
9:31 pm
carney is also trying to calm the waters. >> contrary to what you hear in the public sphere there is momentum towards achieving significant deficit reduction. >> reporter: but momentum for a deal to raise the debt limit isn't evident from what congressional negotiators are saying. >> if debt negotiations have convinced us of anything it is that we can't leave it to politicians in washington to make the difficult decisions we need to get our fiscal house in order. >> michelmichele bachmann doest even believe there is a crisis. there are reports that president obama ended his meeting today with congressional leaders by warning them not to call his bluff. he said if it brings down my presidency, i will not yield on his demand that republicans give on the tax increase issue the same way democrats appear to be willing to give on spending cuts. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. rupert murdoch's media
9:32 pm
empire has dropped its $12 billion bid to take over a major british broadcasting company in the wake of a growing phone hacking scandal. several british newspapers all owned by murdoch's news international have been accused of hacking into the phones of thousands of people including politicians, teen age murder victims, families of deceased soldiers. what has happened to the company is disgraceful and has to be addressed at every level and they should stop thinking about mergers when they have to sort out the mess they have created. three coordinated bombings tore through mumbai, india, today, killing 21 people and injuring 113 others. the bombings took place 11 minutes from each other. the first followed a minute
9:33 pm
later by another in the opera house business district several miles away. the third exploded in a crowder mumbai.hood in central number this attack is the worst to hit india since the 2008 siege that killed 166 people. new york magazine and have published new online conversations between bradley manning and a young hacker. manning is is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the website wikileak. in the conversations manning says he is being discharged because he wants to undergo gender reassignment surgery. he also discusses his access to classified documents. despite the new information the u.s. investigators have been unable to find evidence directly linking manning to wiki leaks founder. this could impact any charges brought against asange.
9:34 pm
yesterday, he asked a court to block issues extradition, arguing the case is legally flawed. the parents of brian stowe, the giants fan beaten at a dodgers game have been named to the creditor's committee in the dodgers bankruptcy case. the stowes were appointed to the creditor's committee as conserve atore's on their son's behalf. the dodgers filed for bankrupt cipro tex last month, blaming a cash flow crisis and major league baseball refusal to approve a multimillion dollars t.v. deal the organization was counting on. casey anthony is scheduled for release from jail this sunday but another legal battle may now be just beginning in the case. the texas -based company that led the search for little caylee is now suing.
9:35 pm
>> reporter: when hundreds of volunteers fanned out across central, florida, in the summer of 2008, they had an urgent mission, find caylee anthony. what they didn't know is that she was already dead. according to her mother, she drown in the pool. wednesday, and know any was served in jail by equi search. they want h her to repay the $100,000 spent in vain to find the toddler. >> this is money that needed to go to families that need us. while we were doing that search we had several families that called in and really needed our h help. >> and you had to turn them down? >> and we had to turn them down. >> reporter: anthony will be released from jail this sunday. the chicago sun times reporting casey anthony to live in disguise. the washington post saying she may change her name for protection. on tuesday the investigators and prosecutors who spent three
9:36 pm
grueling years building a case against anthony defended their investigation. >> i have a three-year-old grand daughter. i wouldn't wish what happened to her on any parent. >> alongside the team a poster of caylee as they you restructuringed everyone to remember the real victim in this case. los angeles is bracing for a traffic nightmare this weekend that many are calling carmageddon. that is when one of the busiest freeways, the 405 is shut down for construction. now, jetblue is offering $4 flights to get around the mess. on saturday flights between the long beach and burbank airports for $4 each. the expected flight time is 20 minutes. far shorter than trying to get around the 405.
9:37 pm
jetblue will operate two flights each way morning and evening. the price includes all taxes and fees apparently. a group of parking attendants captured a man they believe has been conning customers and taking money from their owner's pockets along the san francisco embarcadero. now, the attendants confronted the man in the blue hat. many drivers unwittingly fall for people who collect parking fees but have nothing to do with the parking lot at all. they just sell a little tick jet. ticket. you you can avoid becoming a victim. >> sometimes there will be an attendant's booth. it f. it looks like it is open for business the person is in fact a legitimate parking person. if you have any doubt, don't park your car. >> police arrested a man on battery charges after at least one was attendants said the
9:38 pm
suspect punched him. the owner of the parking lot says this suspect has been arrested for doing this before. the tenderloin is one of san francisco's toughest areas. residents of the first block of turk near market complained of the drug deals and assault that occur on a daily basis. violent crime on this block is 35% higher than the rest of the city and 8 times higher than the rest of the tenderloin area. >> i have seen people pull up in a station wagon and unload drug dealers and drop them off. >> despite the high crime rate in the area, the station last nearly 30% of its force. they are restructuring the city to increase the number of -- urging the city to increase the number of cops on the street. tourists who flock to the
9:39 pm
square are getting a little more elbow room. the city unveiled the shiny new pedestrian pods installed alonging parking lots. the purpose is not only to give people more room to walk but also to wander and linger without blocking the rest of the sidewalk. >> it is really this interesting relationship between staying space and moving space. we tried to create at ease and spaces where people can stop but still thinking about where people might be able to walk. >> this section of the street typically gets 100,000 visitors on average weekend. the move also includes free public wi-fi service in the area. a group of scientists suggest a child should be removed from a home if they become extremely overweight.
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obesity is the number one health problem in america these days. not to mention the cost. in the last 30 years childhood obesity more than tripled to 17%. today two highly respected doctors suggested that some of america's seriously obese children should be taken away from their parents in order to
9:43 pm
save them. dan harris has more on the startling proposal. >> reporter: harvarded's dr. david ludwig says today in a prestigious medical journal in certain carefully selected situations some of america's estimated 2 million extremely obese children should be taken from their parents. we spoke to him via satellite. >> taking a child away from their parents is a drastic action. should only be used as a last resort. but when we have a 400-pound child with life threatening complications, it may not be any great choices. >> reporter: abc news heard from two dozen experts and all but you three disagreed including art kaplan. >> if you were a child who was mored bily obese and there was a risk your life would be shortened.
9:44 pm
>> i would say can't you help my parents. >> that is exactly what dr. ludwig proposes, before removing an obese child state officials would provide the parents would counseling and education. >> is there any way to guarantee that state government officials will take the intermediated steps before they take the big step of removing a child from the home? >> the state has no incentive to take a child away from their parents unnecessarily. >> but he cannot guarantee they won't. nor can he guarantee that a childed sent in foster care will actually improve. when anna marie was taken from her parents in new mexico she didn't improve at all. she was later returned to her parents and diagnosed with a genetic predisposition. >> it did more damage to my child. if they did care about the child they would take more effort to stay with the family. >> reporter: the doctor says one option we certainly do not
9:45 pm
have is inaction. dan harris, abc news, new york. nearly halfway through the historic final mission we talked to the astronauts onboard atlantis. what they plan to do next as they retire the space shuttle  [ female announcer ] did you know nine out of ten growing kids don't get the recommended amounts of whole grain and calcium? that's where their favorite cereals like trix and cocoa puffs can help. general mills big g has the only leading line of kid cereals with at least eight grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium.
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the crew of space shuttle atlantis is about halfway through the last shuttle missioning ever after they return to earth next thursday atlantis will be retired and the entire program concluded. terry mcsweeney talked to the crew today. >> the wakeup song today, rocket man from elton john. then it was time to get down to business, bringing a year's worth of supplies to the space station and carrying away the trash for a return to earth. >> i wouldn't call it garbage. it is mostly broken things that need to go back to the ground and take a look at it and know why it failed to make it better the next time up. >> it carries with it a universe of emotion. pride and being part of the shuttle program but a major tug at the heart strings. shuttle is no more as of touchdown next week. >> after we get back down to the ground after landing it will hit us really hard and we
9:49 pm
will all have a hard time leaving the shuttle and do the the walk around and greeting the people down there and closing out the program that way. >> now, that there are going to be no more shuttles to fly, what becomes of someone who was known for his flying on the shuttles? >> the space station is now complete. we can end the assembly phase. now, we are entering the utilization phase where we can do the ground faking research to find new ways to treat diseases and new ways to help us to be able to stay in space longer. a couple of days ago, i had a chance to see california from space again and i can see the bay area is foggy but i can see the outline of it. to think i was a kid down there many years ago, looking down at the airplanes and dreaming of flying and here i am on the international space station cruising along at mach 5. >> nasa may be wrapping up the space shuttle missions but it will continue trying to get
9:50 pm
astronauts on to asteroids. the atlantis space ship will be on display at the kennedy space center in florida. >> great to talk to the astronauts today. we appreciate their time. >> still in the 70s. spencer. talking about the temperature, not the decade. >> exactly. i thought you were talking about my wardrobe. i was hoping you weren't. take a look at the lows. lots of cloud cover mushing in. lows mainly in the low to mid 50s. pretty mild overnight. a spritz or sprinkle of drizzle along the coast and around the bay. look at the water vapor satellite image. the reason we had this unusually cool weather, sharp drop in the jetstream this trough has been the controlling eye it temperature in our weather the last several days. our cool pa torn will continue to hold us for the next several days until all slides eastward and we get a little bit of warm-up. high temperatures remain where they were today.
9:51 pm
inland highs low to mid 70s. 60s around the bay. up eveupper 50s on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will start to warm up on sunday. finally inlanded locations top out at about 80 degrees in the warmest spots and by tuesday, wednesday looking at 90 degrees in the warmest inland locations and 80 around the bay. >> thatle be a nice change, too. >> it will, indeed. >> after a thrilling victory this morning, the united states is in the world cup final for the first time since it won the title back in 1999. abby wambach came up big. a 3-1 win. here at home the crowd cheered the u.s. to victory in san francisco during the game. the big screen at civic center plaza will also show sunday's final match when the u.s. takes on japan. fans watching today cannot wait. >> i like it. it secretary of stat is so, mae
9:52 pm
you can do anything. >> i love team and it is exciting to be out. more fun to watch soccer with friends. >> sunday's viewing party is free and will feature a soccer skills session for kids and food trucks for are everyone else who gets hungry. this is exciting. reinvigorates interest in soccer again. >> let's be honest. america does not celebrate soccer too often. takes a world cup type situation. >> great to see. >> but everybody has come together and the team has captivated america. now, just one victory away if golded. we will hear from the woman we will hear from the woman turning into a worldwide star, i want to crush more cars.
9:53 pm
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♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. new tee details about how a man fell into a blow hole in hawaii and died. lut, the netflix backlash, why thousands of subscribers are threatening to cancel the video service. those store areries and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here with futbol. >> futbol. >> yes. >> the dream continues for team usa. the women's world cup soccer team reaching the finals in germany. the u.s. came in as clear favorites. the french team considered one of the surprises in the tournament. ninth minute, heather o'reilly centering for lauren cheney and the u.s. is on the board 1-nil.
9:56 pm
perfect pass. france tieing it up. hope solo was thinking header but never touched the ball and let it go through. credit the goal so sonya. ahead to the 79th minute. abby wambach. >> usa ahead! and heading to the world cup final with that one! >> wambach's third goal in the last three games just like the header she converted against brazil. 82nd minute, alex morgan the finishing touch. the u.s. wins 3-is. despite playing sub par by their own standards they find a way to win. >> you know that we are going to pull through. i have a belief in this team and everybody feels it. at this point it is about who wants it more. it is about who it willing to leave it all out on the field. they get a goal on us but in the end we are in the finals
9:57 pm
and that is all that matters. >> so the other semi. sweden against japan. sweden beat the u.s. this in group play. japan three unanswered goals here. sawa with the header, her fourth goal in the world cup. 64th minute mistake by the swedish keeper coming way out of the net. what are you doing out there. leaving the goal unattended for kawasumi. 3-1 japan. the final is sunday, u.s. and japan. the first place giants open the second half of the season tomorrow night on the road in san diego. but the whirlwind of all-star break action continues for brian wilson. last night the giants closer got the save. he reporte recorded the final two outs in the 5-1 victory in arizona. tonight he was in los angeles for the espy awards. dressed in a penguin unitard or whatever that is. he described his wardrobe piece by piece.
9:58 pm
>> well, i have a seal skin tuxedo suit with the orange very appropriate bow tie. >> like chris berman was wearing an orange tie. >> a onesie. a little dirty. and i have my cougar cane. my plus one tonight. >> seth meyers hosted the espys. turned into the guy in the dos, eed quis commercials. >> welcome to the millions watching in the u.s. and the millions more watching from inside brian wilson's beard. [ laughter ] >> it looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. but i'm sorry to tease you, brian. it is obvious you hate attention. >> that was very good. the british open tees off tomorrow at royal saint
9:59 pm
georges. all guys on recent u.s. open champion rory mcill roy. some believe he is destined to be the next tiger woods. he could win a bunch of majors the next few years. the 22-year-old from northern ireland has been tabbed the favorite this week. >> the expectations are going to be high. i have high expectations myself. i want to go out there and win a lot of golf tournaments and win majors and become the best player in the world. one last soccer clip from the san jose earthquakes and keeper david bingham. boots it from one end to the another 90-yards and in as the quakes defeat an english premier league team 2-1. needless to say the goalie there misplayed the ball. >> i would say. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for larry beil and spencer christian i'm dan ashley.

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